Sample exam

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Sample exam

A woman is referred to her EAP for frequent absences and difficulty completing projects. During the brief interview, she initially deflects questions regarding her marriage, though she reports that her husband was laid off from his job 6 months ago and the couple was forced to move in order for the client to obtain work.

She goes on Sample exam tell the social worker that she is pregnant, but has not told her husband about the baby.

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What should the social worker do NEXT? Refer the client to a doctor for prenatal care B. Suggest couples treatment to address issues of stress around the move C. Redirect the client back to issues of absence and incomplete job performance D.

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As therapists, we want to be on the lookout for clients describing partners who are possessive, sexually jealous, insecure, or controlling. Substance abuse or dependence may be mentioned. Social isolation and pregnancy are additional risk factors for domestic violence.

In the item above, the correct answer is D, since the stem provides the test-taker with multiple risk factors for domestic violence. A is incorrect because it would follow risk assessment and safety planning, and there is nothing in the stem to indicate that the woman is not receiving prenatal care.

B is incorrect as couples treatment would be contraindicated if domestic violence is suspected.

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C is incorrect because issues of safety warrant immediate attention. Learn more about our exam prep at the The Therapist Development Center home page.

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Sample exam

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