Xenia partnervermittlung st petersburg

It was a difficult political time, plagued with terrorist threats and for security reasons Alexander III moved with his family from the Winter Palace to Gatchina Palace.

Xenia partnervermittlung st petersburg

And since all duality has its roots in the illusory world, these divine aspects are not two, but One. Gnosis, of course, has always been in the heart of our religion.

In its own way it has been the light which shines in the darkness. For a long time, however, that gnosis has been rarely spoken of. Divine Wisdom is the pearl of great price which we cannot overvalue. We who value Wisdom are wrong, however, to look upon her as a proud secret, and Love as an intruder.

We do not recognize Love because of the mysterious shapes in which it appears to us. Divine Knowledge is the crown of Being and its glory is self-evident. Sometimes because of Love we, like Dante, must look upon Hell for the first time.

Without the love and intercession of Beatrice, Dante would never have seen the face of Hell. But without the vision of Hell, there would have been no way for him to travel on, through Purgatory, to Paradise.

Xenia partnervermittlung st petersburg

When Love draws near to us we fear chaos, because Divine Love can stare chaos in the face in a way that Divine Knowledge is never asked to do. This is why we have the tradition that Christ harrowed Hell. When we see Christ descending into Hell so that our own inner hells may be transformed, we experience an event of unutterable Beauty—a Beauty which would bind the faculties of the soul, were not Divine Love there to set us free.

We understand that since the gnostic knows the world through Divine Wisdom, he is able to see the Beauty therein, especially in the realm of nature. But Divine Beauty is inseparable from Love.

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How can we then, having once seen this otherworldly Beauty, denigrate Love in any form? Some who value Divine Wisdom have seemed to say, in the name of Divine Beauty, that love of neighbor is somehow less than love of virgin nature. Other human beings, however—our brothers and sisters in the human state—are the crown of nature in this visible world.

The last revenge of Hell against gnosis would be to present us with a vision of Beauty without Love. They will end by betraying Love, because without insight there is no Truth, and Love cannot be based on a lie. Xenia is described in the Eastern Orthodox liturgy for her feast on January 24 as one who has broken with the vanity and the illusory character of this world.

What is this illusion, this world which she feels it is so imperative to break with? The narrative of her life is simple.

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As a young woman she marries a professional entertainer connected with the military.Today is the feast day of St. Xenia of St Petersburg (), a beloved saint of relatively recent times.

Xenia partnervermittlung st petersburg

St. Xenia's husband died after a night of drinking , leaving her a childless widow at Welcome to the official blog of the Catalogue of schwenkreis.cometh Convent!

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The blog includes recent ministry updates of the convent, sermons, icons, personal stories and everything related to Orthodox Christianity.

Blessed St. Xenia of Petersburg Cathedral. Home. What is the Orthodox Church? Who we are; Life of St. Xenia; Our Parish. Parish History. Aug 01,  · There were plenty of people there waiting in line to pray to St. Xenia although it was raining. The atmosphere was full of peace, fading out all of the daily concerns.

Get quick answers from Chapel of St. Xenia of St. Petersburg staff and past visitors. Note: your question will be posted publicly on the Questions & Answers page 5/5(). Sometimes Xenia, in calling herself Andrei, is associated with St.

Andrew, the fool-for-Christ, who in Constantinople had a vision of the Mother of God lifting her veil. This is the vision upon which the feast of the Protecting Veil, on the 1st of October, is based. Akathist to St. Ksenia (Xenia) of St. Petersburg Your holiness, O blessed Ksenia, was like a divinely guided star illumining the sky of Saint Petersburg; for unto all perishing in the madness of sin you showed the path of salvation, calling all to repentance, that they might cry out to God: Alleluia!.

Akathist to St. Ksenia (Xenia) of St. Petersburg - The Catalog of Good Deeds